Do you want a tour of Aruba to see all the beautiful places you’ve seen pictures of and read about BUT NOT with a bus load of people? Do you want to learn more about the people of Aruba and the history of this amazing country? Get off the beaten path? Or maybe a combination of everything…PRIVATE TOURS ARUBA is what you are looking for! Jimmy is very knowledgeable and will customize your private tour to what you are looking to do and see. During our tour and even now we say, “that is exactly what we wanted in a tour!). Going back to Aruba in November and will DEFINITELY call Jimmy at Private Tours Aruba!!!


5 stars!

Marcia Wetmore

We had the best experience when we joined up with Jimmy Douglas and spent a fantastic day traveling around Aruba and catching some beautiful sights.  We enjoyed art being created by some very talented artists, beaches, watching the fresh fish and shrimp being skinned, finding an owl in the gold ruins to even seeing the baseball field Xander Bogerts played at.

We went to the end of the island and saw a glimpse of Venezuela, to running into two wild donkeys where my friend got right up close and personal, the whole time Jimmy keeping us entertained on some very interesting Aruba cultural facts.

His vehicle was clean and comfortable and he had no problems stopping when something might interest our peaks which could of included a few adult beverages. The time we spent with him seemed to fly by.  I am going back to Aruba in March 2018 on one of our stops on a cruise, and intend to go on another tour with him.

Norma Christian

Jimmy Douglas was referred to us by a bartender who we’d become friendly with and trusted on out first night in Aruba. We called him that night and booked a tour the following day. Jimmy gave us a comprehensive tour of the whole island, not just the big tourist spots. He gave us great recommendations for snorkeling and his suggestions for restaurants were spot on. He’s humorous and knows his history too. We would gladly recommend Jimmy’s services to friends and family visiting Aruba.

We would give Jimmy a rating of:


5 stars!

Diana Curran

We booked our trip online and aside from his punctuality and great sense of humor, Jimmy really knows his Island inside and out. The first quarter of our tour we saw some tourists. But after that all we saw were locals and no big tour busses. The private feel of the tour was exactly what my family and I were looking for, the SUV was very nice and we were able to decide how long we stopped at each stop if we even wanted to stop at all. If we didn’t, Jimmy had the next thing lined up already and was more than happy to take us there. My family and I would gladly recommend Private tours Aruba to all our friends and anyone that’s planning to travel to Aruba.

Dan Pendergrass

We were recommended Private tours Aruba by friends who had visited the Island and stopped there on a cruise ship and did a tour with Jimmy Douglas. They felt that they made a friend on the Island, needless to say I was sceptical at first, but after meeting Jimmy I could tell he was very likeable and knowledgeable. His passion for the Island was very noticeable during our time with him. We took the 6 hour tour and would recommend this time. We thought it was a small Island, but Aruba is a small Island with a lot to see and do, trust me guys, 6 hour tours are the way to go and Private tours Aruba will definitely be seeing the Serra family again this fall.

Peter Serra